Santa C.

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Holiday Fun Begins with Santa C.

During the Holiday Season, there is one incomparable way to add an unforgettable and heartwarming Christmas Spirit to your special holiday event ... just invite Santa C.

Believe in Santa this Christmas Season

Santa C., aka Santa Ron Cooper, is known and loved by thousands of children as Santa C. and he’ll help you to experience a magical holiday and truly Believe in Santa.

You’ll Know in a Minute He Must be St. Nick

With his curly white beard (it is a real beard, of course), his luxurious crimson red velvet suit, his twinkling blue eyes and his jolly personality, Santa C. has become known as the real Santa to countless children in Southern California and across the country.

From Hollywood to Holiday Events Everywhere

Santa C. has entertained children at parades, tree lightings, special events and private parties from Beverly Hills to

New York City. He’s also delighted thousands of children at South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island, Town Square Las Vegas and other upscale shopping and entertainment properties as well as appearing at holiday events at popular restaurants including the Rainforest Cafe and the Yard House.

Remember, Santa C.’s motto is: Have Sleigh. Will Travel.  

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